Hello, I'm Alyona.

I'm a Newborn Baby Photographer

I am what I see

What I love about photography is that it captures a moment that is gone forever and cannot be recreated or brought back

How It All Began?

My career as a photographer started quite by accident, my husband gave me a training certificate. A new and amazing world of photography opened up for me. I completely dissolved in this profession. But like any beginner photographer, I could not decide on a genre for a long time. After trying all genres, it became clear that I liked them, but not enough to do it all the time.

КFlowers, kittens, dogs replaced subject photography, and then family photo sessions, but when I decided to try the newborn genre, my doubts disappeared by themselves. Only when photographing children do I get full satisfaction from the work process itself.

These babies cause only trembling emotion and a boundless feeling of tenderness and love. In the first days of their lives, they are special, just as they were born. There are no chubby cheeks and folds yet. They are especially fragile and defenseless, they will not be like that anymore. Every day the baby grows and changes. And it becomes completely different. That is why the newborn's photo session will be unique and there is no need to postpone it.

I like that the eyes of parents who have only been holding their baby for a few days are shining with happiness. All this causes a storm of positive emotions, which is why I love the newborn genre.

The profession of a newborn photographer is not easy at all, it requires a lot of patience and caution. Boys and girls are still tiny, but it is already clear that their behavior is different. Newborn photo session is very specific, this genre cannot be tolerated - it must be loved!

Your moments ... Saved!

We always remember the best moments of our lives.

Memory can lose colors and lose the clarity of moments, but the emotions of these moments remain forever. My job is to prevent the memory from fading away, so that even after many years, looking at the photos, you could relive the warm moments of joy whith a smile on your face!

You can see a small selection of photos on the Gallery page.

фотосессия младенцев в домашних условиях