Baby’s First

It is summer in the northern hemisphere and a great time to capture baby’s first vacation in photos and video. The first year of life is a year full of firsts. There are so many experiences we take for granted that your baby will experience for the first time this year. As they grow some experiences will seem new as they might not remember encountering them this first year. This is all the more reason why you should take pictures of as many new experiences your baby is exposed to.

There are cameras that are specifically designed to be used around the sand and water. One of those cameras is the Olympus Stylus 1050 SW. I have the Olympus Stulys 1030 SW and love it! This little camera fits easily into a bag or purse and can take great photos as well as videos. You can bring it into the water up to several feet below the surface. What a great way to capture the look on your baby’s face the first time you carry them into the ocean, lake, or pool.

Feel free to share your baby’s first photos of summer vacation with us!


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