Canon PowerShot MP Digital Camera with 14x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Purple) SX210IS 14.1

Canon PowerShot SX210IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 14x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Purple)

Canon PowerShot SX210IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 14x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Purple) Rating:
List Price: $299.99
Sale Price: $299.50
Availability: unspecified

Product Description

Get closer than you've ever been before to your subject with the Canon® 14.1 megapixel PowerShot® SX210 IS digital camera. It combines a 14x optical zoom with the clarity of 14.1 megapixels for extremely clear, crisp shots.


  • Powerful 14x optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer; improved Dynamic mode for enhanced image stabilization
  • 14.1-megapixel resolution for high-quality prints up to 16.5 x 23.4 inches
  • 28mm wide-angle lens; 3.0-inch wide PureColor System LCD
  • HD shooting capability at 720p with stereo sound plus HDMI output
  • DIGIC 4 Image Processor with evolved Face Detection Technology; new scene modes

Canon PowerShot SX210IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 14x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Purple) out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 953 user reviews
Canon Canon PowerShot SX210IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 14x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Purple) Get closer than you've ever been before to your subject with the Canon® 14.1 megapixel PowerShot® SX210 IS digital camera. It combines a 14x optical zoom with the clarity of 14.1 megapixels for extremely clear, crisp shots. $299.99

10 Responses to “Canon PowerShot MP Digital Camera with 14x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Purple) SX210IS 14.1”

  1. K. Keener Says:


    I’m not a photo techy. I don’t do aperture and focal length and all of that jargon. I’m a mom who wants good quality memories of my family. What I was looking for in a camera:

    * Works with my 4 GB Eye-Fi card (my 3 year-old one did not)

    * Could fit in a shirt pocket or purse

    * Good battery life

    * Good quality photos in the auto settings

    * Quality photos when zoomed in

    * Fast recovery time between shots (kids move so fast I was always missing shots)

    * Ability to zoom in and refocus when shooting video

    This camera delivers all of that and more. I learned about this camera from the Eye-Fi site of compatible cameras so waited until there were some reviews of it. I was greatly encouraged that so many photo buffs bought this camera as their point and shoot option when they didn’t want to lug around their SLRs. They obviously are going to be more particular than I on the photo quality and the fact that so many found the quality close to the quality of their SLRs was good enough for me.

    Was a little concerned about the flash placement but turns out not to be an issue. The flash opens fine if you have to have your finger there and I have quickly learned to turn the camera on one-handed, which is easy to do because of its size. No problem with stabilizing the camera either. You can take crisp shots one-handed in normal photo taking circumstances, indoors and out.

    I’ve had it two weeks now and the battery is about 3/4. I’ve only taken about 30 shots so far but at least it doesn’t drain just sitting around.

    I think the photo quality when zoomed is fabulous! I took one across the room and I can see the texture of the wall in it. I uploaded here a couple of shots at 14x zoom through a dirty window and they are gorgeous. One was while the wind spinner was in motion and it looks just like it was still when the photo was shot. Though I did change the setting for that one to continuous action on the Kids & Pets setting. Looks like that setting shuts off the 2 second review photo. In that mode I can take a shot again as soon as I can think of it so should be great with my kids, maybe 2 seconds between shots. I did take shots using the digital zoom (56x digital zoom) and those were blurry but that was with me holding the camera. Would probably work on a tripod.

    The video works great and I love that I can zoom in and pan and it refocuses automatically. My old camera didn’t do that. If you wanted to zoom, you had to stop, zoom and then restart. This one also doesn’t seem to pick up the sound of my breathing in the video which my old one often did. The whole HD thing isn’t something I can speak to. I want to be able to shoot video clips. I play them back on my computer not my TV. They are for me and the grandparents.

    The smile detection seemed like fun and worked pretty well. Haven’t tried the wink thing yet. I’m not getting any shadow like one reviewer said but honestly haven’t been using the flash much. It takes great shots inside in lower light and when I have used the flash I’m finding I’m not getting that flash overexposure you often get. Photos just look properly lit. And my son, who always seems to have red eye in flash photos didn’t in the photos I took of him with flash indoors at night.

    I am really pleased with this camera. If you want a good point and shoot, this is an excellent choice in my opinion.

  2. Lauren M.P. Says:


    I’ve been a Canon user for several years, but this little guy pack quite a punch. As always with Canon, the image quality is some of the best, theres some noise at full zoom (mostly into digital zoom) but not nearly as much as some competition. I recently took this camera on vacation to the west coast, we went to some old missions in California, and the low light setting is amazing. Clear and crisp. The in camera editing/art features are fantastic and are fun to play with. The menu was a little different than the ones I’ve used before, but if you’ve ever used a Canon you’ll get the hang of it. My only complaint is it takes a second to wake up, for example the flash has to charge. I’m not a heavy flash user so it’s not a big deal. Battery life is fine, but like I said I don’t use the flash very often. Video quality is decent, could be better but that’s not what I purchased this camera for. Overall, one of the best.

  3. Lisa Hammerle Says:


    I guess like with any new camera, it takes a while to figure out all the features. I find many of the cool features take several steps to access. And when you turn on the camera, most times I forget to lift my finger so the flash can come up (not that I use flash all that often). The menu wheel is also a bit difficult to turn on the fly. But the 14X optical zoom is great! And the tilt-shift mode is pretty fun, and the video quality is good.

  4. KJL Says:


    I had a Casio Exilim before this which was small, fun and easy. I was looking for something similar when I stumbled upon this based on someone’s review. I am not disappointed. It’s way better.I took this on vacation to B.C. Canada and the photos are amazing. The other couples I was with had $1000 cameras with 15 megapixels and my images are just as good. The zoom is amazing, I shot a bald eagle way up in a tree and its crystal clear. The video is great too. I bought a 4g card and near the end of my trip it was full so I suggest getting a spare. I guess b/c of the higher resolution. The only drawback was the battery life. It wore out in 2-3 days of use. I knew that going in b/c of the reviews but bought it anyway so my next trip I will bring a spare with me. I got the purple one so it would stand out in my bag and be easy to find. Don’t get it if you dont like purple b/c it is PURPLE. I like the fact that the flash pops up but my finger got in the way the first few days until I started to remember to not put my finger in that spot. Overall, the camera is easy to operate, takes great photos and I highly recommend it for point and shoots.

  5. C. Zamirowski Says:


    For those MAC lovers, this camera works very well iPHOTO. I’ve had it about a week and have been taking photos at school of my students and the photos are so crisp and clear. We’re planning a trip to Italy this summer and I wanted a camera that could do it all and be compact. I like the advantage of being able to recharge the battery. I have another Canon digital but it uses AA batteries and drains quickly. This model will work well.

  6. S. Keenan Says:


    I bought this camera after receiving an email from Canon about the new releases in March and falling in love with the print. I thought, YES! this is exactly what I was looking for. I own 3 Canon cameras and have been a loyal customer for years. Much to my dismay, this camera is disappointing. I should have waited and checked the camera out in the store – hands on. My biggest diappointment is the slow processing time. I have 2 year old twins that I wanted to take close-ups of without always being in their face. I have to wait a total of 4 seconds between each shot before the camera is free to take another. Way too long with children or animals or anything that moves. The Canon tech support suggested I turn off the review, but how would I know if I got the picture I wanted? so that was not a good option for me. The zoom button in my opinion is hard to maneuver. My finger gets sore pressing that tiny, sharp lever. I would not recommend this camera to people who have any kind of arthritis. The zoom is slow, which I would not mind if it wasn’t also hard to press. In all fairness, you can get some superb shots with this camera. I took some close-ups in a parade and was happy with most of the pictures. Probably lost some good photo opportunities because of the slow processing time. As hard as it would have been for me, I would have forgone my loyalty to Canon and gone with another name brand like Nikon, but I don’t see anything like this out there YET. The bigger zoom cameras are bigger and don’t really slip into your purse. I just wish I knew why this camera is so slow in processing? Such a step backwards for such a great company. Knowing what I know now would I still have bought this camera? No way!!! Canon can do better and should do better and probably will do better. I wish I had waited a little longer until they worked the bugs out.

  7. Surfer mom Says:


    I researched camera reviews for about 4 months before deciding on the

    Canon SX210 IS. I LOVE this camera! I wanted the quality of a DSLR camera,

    in a point and shoot size. Well, this camera exceeds my expectations! Especially

    the 14x optical zoom, it’s amazing! The clarity, quality and colors are excellent!

    I saw some personal reviews about shadowing, but none of my photos have ever had

    a shadow and I have taken hundreds and hundreds of photos already. All I have

    experienced are great photos so far. If you are considering this camera, you won’t

    be dissappointed! Great camera!!

  8. Mike Pieronek Says:


    (This text is posted on my personal website along with sample images and video.


    I am excited about Canon SX210 IS camera. I read the specs Canon published back in February 2010. It had features I was looking for. I pre-ordered this camera before reading any reviews.

    Here’s what I liked about this camera:

    - Quality of pictures

    - HD 720p video

    - 14x optical zoom with image stabilizer.

    - Optical zoom functions when shooting video (a biggie)

    - Mode wheel

    - Secondary 4-way controller with scroll wheel

    - Face detection


    The SX210 is not a tiny camera like my Casio EX-H10 or even the EX-V7. It’s about an inch and a quarter thick including the extension for the lens. Double the thickness of my Casio EX-H10. It’s about half and inch wider than the smaller Casio. It is still very pocketable. But you can’t put it in the front pocket of your jeans like you can the thinner Casio. I’m fine with the size. I usually wear carpenter pants with an extra pocket on the side. The camera fits in the extra pocket just fine. Considering the wonderful zoom I have no right to fault the camera size. That said, if you need an ultra compact camera to slide into a narrow pocket, the SX210 IS may not be the right choice.


    The zoom lens is pretty remarkable. It extends out from the camera about 2.5″. It can shoot a wide angle shot of a building and then zoom in on the door close enough to read the numbers. Check out the clock tower picture in the samples. What incredible range this lens has. It’s quiet and smooth as it moves. The zoom has two speeds. It can be hard to move only at the slower speed. The zoom button is quite small. It’s hard to hold it with consistent pressure. Is it a problem? No. It’s just a trade off with a small camera. The macro mode is excellent too.

    HD video with zoom was a must for me. I have a Sony HDR-HC5 HDV camcorder. It takes very good videos. Ever since I’ve had it, the standard def video of my cameras just hasn’t been desirable to me anymore. This SX210 shoots video at 720p or 1280 x 720 px. My HDV shoots at 1440 x 1080 px. The video is interlaced. The Canon SX210 video is progressive scan. Overall the Canon video quality is very good. The ability to zoom while shooting is fantastic. I recorded my daughter at her swim class and was able to keep her full frame for the length of the pool.

    Mode wheel. The more camera’s I’ve had the more I want this feature. I used to love the novelty of the ‘on screen’ interface. I’ve grown tired of it. Of course it is necessary because of the enormous number of parameters which can be changed. The mode wheel on this camera can get to selections which are 10 menu button clicks deep on the Casio. I like the Portrait, Landscape, and Movie are points on this wheel. So just by turning this knob to the icon the camera switches into this mode immediately. In bright sunlight I don’t have to even look at the screen to know I’m a new mode. The movie mode on the knob is great, but Canon did one better and made a dedicated movie button. When you’re in any mode you can click the red button and immediately start shooting movies. Casio has always done this and I love the feature. The red button is configurable to do a variety of things, movie mode is the default.

    The camera has, what is now a standard, 4-way control disc. You click up, down, left and right with a select button in the middle. The 4-way controller on this Canon is also a scroll wheel. So when you are moving between pictures in playback mode you can quickly shoot between images by turning the wheel quickly with your thumb. This scroll wheel is used to navigate the camera menus too. The optical zoom controller also works in playback mode. You can zoom back so 50+ thumbnails are on screen. All actions are very very quick. No lag or waiting for the images to display and move.

    The flash is great too. Not for it’s performance, though it seemed to work fine. I didn’t really test it much. I like the way it works. It pops up when the camera is turned on. 90% of the time when I turn the camera on my finger is on top of the flash and it doesn’t pop up. Not a problem, blocking it doesn’t harm it. If I need it I just pull it up to turn it on. I like this very obvious and direct control over the flash. I don’t like to have to click a menu 4 times to turn it on or off. Many times I’m at a venue where flash isn’t allowed. Using an on screen menu isn’t nearly as obvious pushing the flash down and knowing with certainty it will not fire.

    The SX210 has great face detection. I like this feature because it draws green boxes around faces it recognizes and guarantees the face you want will likely be in focus. I know many many cameras do this, but this one seems quicker to find the faces and focus. The wink shutter is a neat idea. We tried it and had to wink several times to invoke it. I’m sure with practice I could make it work more reliably. It’s fun but also a feature I’m unlikely to use often. Still fun to play with. Smile shutter takes pictures automatically any time it sees a smile. This could be fun to set up for a party. I find it incredible that a camera now truly ‘sees’ what it’s taking pictures of. It recognized the face of a statue I took a picture of, as well.

    The camera has continuous focus. Instead of pushing the shutter button halfway down to force focus the SX210 is always focusing. I like it.

    I’ve had the camera less than a week. I still have more to learn about it. The menu structure is simple with the AUTO setting or deep with the manual modes. I think this camera is a wonderful choice for someone who wants a camera and a video camcorder. It does both very well.

    I highly recommend the Canon SX210 IS. It’s a very enjoyable camera to use.

  9. A. Lee Says:


    I haven’t had the chance to really put the camera through its paces yet, but so far, things seem pretty good.

    When I was looking at it in the stores, I was worried about the little toggle for adjusting the zoom… It seemed too small and finnicky and not so easy to control… a bit uncomfortable, too, since it was angled and hard, but I can live with it.

    I don’t mind the flash popping up. I usually am holding the camera in the area and it keeps the flash down easily.

    The LCD screen is a nice size.

    I was shooting some indoor shots in low light. The automatic settings–auto, night, indoors–all seemed to over-expose the shots–which was worrying, but I switched to manual (the controls were fairly intuitive, so I didn’t have to keep referring to the manual), and could take shots without a tripod. As long as I can get shots fairly easily, I don’t mind. But for those wishing for better auto shots in low light, I guess they are correct in complaining, or at least noting the problems.

    My expectations aren’t high… I just needed a new camera to replace one I’ve had for five or six years–so just about anything new would be better for me! I wanted this one because I hadn’t tried a Canon before and everyone was always raving about them (I’d had Olympuses), and I liked the super-zoom in a small point and shoot. The size and weight is convenient. The color is cute, too. I think it will work for me as a fun little camera that is capable of a bit more (especially regarding the zoom) than the average digital camera.

  10. John M. Brooks Says:


    I purchased this camera mainly for 14x zoom & 14 Mpx. So I compared this to my other dig-cams $400 DMC-ZS3 & $160 SD790. Well, if you take a close look, the images are not good. I can zoom in on my other camera images and get great detail. However, with this camera, zooming in, you find loss of detail due to hi ISO noise as well as JPEG artifacts. Since the max aperture is f/3.1, limited light causes AUTO mode to take shots with ISOs usually 160-400 range. The noise due to this is very visible compared to the clean 80-100 ISO range. On top of this, Canon decided that Fine mode is good enough and dropped SuperFine mode in favor of smaller size images. So there is additional JPEG artifact noise. (The DCT QT table is a lot more coarse especially on the chroma side, even at the DC level. This may explain the washed out & weird colors too.) I was looking forward to this camera based on specs, and waited 3 wks for it, but am extremely disappointed. 14 Mpx & $350, c’mon Canon! There is NO point in buying a 14 Mpx camera only to have the image quality ruined by ISO & JPEG noise.

    The LCD is not as bright as the SD790, and is effectively only 2.5″ for 4:3 images. I also take lots of panos and find it difficult to move the wheel all the way around and choose SCN setup to stitch assist mode. This is a simple step on my SD790. Canon does not even provide a printed Users Guide.

    So I just had to return this! It’s bad unless you just don’t take a close look.

    What I did like was the 14x zoom, widescreen HD movies & images to match, custom timer up to 10 shots, manual controls, and good images at 80-100 ISO.

    Oddly enough, I was nervous about the pop-up flash & weird zoom lever, but they did not bother me at all.

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