The Best Children’s Photographers

newborn portraitsSometimes the best children’s photographers are right under the same roof as the baby.

Yes, I’m talking about your own family.  Who else is as connected to your new bundle of joy than his or her own family?

And who else knows them better as they grow?  There is an intuition and an anticipation that develops after living with someone over time. It is still important to have your kids photographed by professional children’s photographers.  Taking regular portraits over time becomes a great family heirloom and an important part of your family’s history.

However there is a special charm that can only come from those candid photos that come from the eye of a loved one. The portraits below are taken by a family member.

newborn portraits

The first one is a photo of my daughter in her doctor’s arms.  Note the button on Doc’s lapel – “Peace on Earth” – get it? Lol.  What I love about this picture is that she is sticking her tongue out.  Pretty and precious with a bow in her hair, and she is making a face.

Adorable! The second portrait turned out so well that we turned it into her birth announcement.  She looks like a little flower with that huge pink collar.  You have to love the hair!  Just remember, we are all children’s photographers in some form, so keep taking those shots.


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