Classic and Natural
Newborn photoshoot at home

How is the photoshoot at home?

Upon arrival at your home, I will bring all that need. There are quite a lot of props for at-home photo shoot and they are bulky, so male help will be appropriate. While I assemble the background holder and prepare the shooting location, mom is feeding. Next, I dress the baby and rock its to sleep.

When the newborn fell asleep I start shooting. Of course, there are cases when the baby does not want to fall asleep, but calmly reacts to the shoot. Then I simply change the shooting format, focusing on the parents with the baby. In this genre, the newborn is the main one and we adapt to his mood!

After the photoshoot, the received material is processed for about 30 days and delivered to you according to the packages!

At what age is it best to a newborn photo session?

The best age for a newborn photo session is up to 14 days. During these days, the baby's tummy is less disturbed and he sleeps more soundly.

How many photos will we get?

The number of photos depends, firstly, on your choice of package, and, secondly, on the newborn. If during a photoshoot, the baby calmly endures repeated changes of clothes, then the amount of footage will be greater.

What do you need to buy for a photoshoot of your own home?

I have all the props. Before shooting, we will decide on the color scheme of the props and the package of services. So you don’t need to purchase anything special. But if you have a prop that you would like to add, then I can use it.

How many baby sets change during a photoshoot?

The number of sets depends on your choice of package. Each package provides a different number of prop changes. So it all depends on your package and, of course, on the baby’s mood!

How long does a newborn's photosession last?

Approximately, shooting the one set takes about 1-2 hours, including stops for feeding and rocking. But this is an average time. After all, the main thing is comfort and pleasure from the photoshoot process. There should be no rush!

Is it possible to buy a certificate for newborn's photography?

Certainly. This type of gift is very common. After all, often if parents have taken care of all the essential goods for the baby, then relatives and friends are left with a big question about gifts for the birth. Therefore, a gift certificate for a family home photo shoot will be a very pleasant gift.

Will I be provided with the digital files from my session?

Certainly, all session packages currently come with high-resolution digital files. This enables you to easily share, self-print, and personally preserve pictures for the future.

I'm not based in Glenview are you available to travel to my location?

Yes, I do a photoshoot at the client's home. A travel free but if your locations further than 15 miles from Glenview will be to add pay for travel fee starting at $25 .😉

How preparing your home for a newborn session?

For a classic shoot, I ask you to prepare a free space for inserting props of at least 6x6 feet. I will bring everything necessary for the baby with me. You will only need to prepare clothes, do a light hairstyle and make-up for the family.

For a Natural shoot, the room requires more preparation. It is necessary to choose the lightest bedroom or living room, remove all color accents. To facilitate preparation, I ask you to send a video of the rooms, after which I will tell you what exactly it is desirable to change. It is advisable to choose clothes for all family members in light and plain colors without drawings and prints.