Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera (Black) Z915

Kodak EasyShare Z915 Digital Camera (Black)

Kodak EasyShare Z915 Digital Camera (Black) Rating:
List Price: $199.95
Sale Price: $88.99
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Product Description

Kodak EasyShare Z915 Digital Camera Black


  • 10-megapixel effective recording
  • 10X optical zoom (5X digital/50X total zoom)
  • Optical image stabilization
  • 2-1/2" LCD
  • 35mm equivalent lens focal length: 35-350mm

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Kodak Kodak EasyShare Z915 Digital Camera (Black) Kodak EasyShare Z915 Digital Camera Black $199.95 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31yuo-GpPLL._SL160_.jpg

10 Responses to “Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera (Black) Z915”

  1. K. Campos Says:


    I have had probably ten different digital cameras over the last ten years, mostly Kodak, although the most recent ones were Canon. I was spoiled with the 12x optical zoom on my Kodak Z1012 and the clear, sharp images it produced. I don’t want to carry it in my purse every day though! I recently purchased a Canon SX110, which is small enough to carry daily and takes great photos; however, it doesn’t allow for a date stamp except at 1600×1200 resolution. After researching for several days online, I purchased a Kodak Z915 today. Took it straight to the park and played with it. Got some fantastic photos today. I mean, I was surprisingly truly impressed by the clear, sharp images I got today for a relatively inexpensive camera. I love the 10x zoom — can’t even imagine owning a camera with less after having that feature for a couple of years now. This one does all that I need and does it well. The movie mode seemed to have tiny shifts in focus while recording, but I don’t use the video features on my cameras too often, so not a concern for me. I may play with it some more and see if some tweaking of settings will allow for a smoother playback. Again, can’t say enough how happy I am with the image quality and that’s my main requirement.

  2. freestyleFrEaK Says:


    Let me first start by saying it’s absurd and so trivial that some people feel the need to give a perfectly acceptable digital camera a poor rating because they can’t get their pictures from it or because it doesn’t come with a full page manual. Frankly, people this dumb don’t deserve to even think about handling a digital camera, let alone a computer. It’s 2010. Today we have SDHC cards in digital cameras (jpeg compatibility), card readers, and printers (to print out manuals (even digital cameras costing 4X this price don’t have printed manuals included). Furthermore, if you don’t like the software included with the product, don’t use it. Nobody’s holding a gun to your head. There are plenty of other photo software programs ready to accept your photos from this camera. I don’t care to dwell on stupidity so I’ll move on.

    I purchased this camera on an impulse buy. I already have a compact Canon A590, and a megazoom Canon SX20, but needed a compact that had better resolution, and a greater zoom capability but wasn’t as large as my megazoom. I really wasn’t expecting much from this Kodak Z915 and really was intending to return it after a few days, but upon using it for a week now, I’m fixed on keeping it.

    The Kodak Z915 weighs approximately 280 grams with an added SDHC card and a good pair of Ni-mH batteries. It measures 1.5 inches in depth, 4 inches wide, and 3 inches in height, with a 3 inch lens extension outward when in full zoom. There is a mic pickup on the face, and a small speaker output on the top left of the camera. On the top right we have a small power on/off button, a toggle in/out and snap button, a flash on/off button, and macro and timer buttons as well. The camera looks slightly smaller in person than in pictures. The body is made of plastic, aswell as the toggle switch. All of which feel kind of cheap. There is a program selection wheel on the top, and a color 2.5 inch lcd screen on the back along with four small function buttons running vertically along the lcd screen (delete, menu, info, and toggle camera / playback button). On the side we have a port for a 3 volt in ac to dc adapter, and a mini usb out port.

    In terms of selectable modes, we have a scene selection, a panorama option, a setting for “sports”, a “smart capture” position for simple automatic point-and-shoot, a video mode, a “program” option (let’s you set aperature, iso, flash advance or delay), an “aperture priority” setting, a “shutter priority” option, and a “manual” position. The “smart capture” setting is a pretty straight forward selection for those phototakers who don’t want to mess with settings and lets the camera set them, essentially letting you just point and shoot. My favorite option though is the “scene” selection. Kodak has built in 17 settings under “scene” that help maximize your picture quality depending on various environments and lighting conditions. I find my pictures turn out a little better than just on the “smart capture” mode here with the “scene” choices. The “scene” choices include High ISO (for low light situations), portrait, night portrait, landscape, night landscape, flower (for vivid pics of flowers in bright light), sunset, backlight (for photos where light in behind the subject), candle light, manner / museum (where camera sound and flash are not desired), text (taking photos of documents), beach (bright situations), snow (bright white backgrounds), fireworks (displays of vivid bright night colors), children (playing in bright situations), self-portrait, and stage (for people on stage, less blur, more brightness, and no flash). The camera doesn’t have a true wide-angle position, but under the “panorama” setting there is the ability to take a 3 stage set of pictures from left to right, or right to left, and the camera binds all 3 pics (or “stitches” them together) for a wide-angle effect pic. This is truly amazing and I’ve seen anything like it. I’ve managed to put some fantastic panoramic pics together of some breathtaking landscapes with this option!

    In the “menu” selection, we have 2 options for “capture” and “tool” settings. Here we can adjust picture size from 10 MP (4:3), 8.9 MP (3:2), 7.5 MP (16:9), 5.0 MP (4:3), 3.1 MP (4:3), 2.2 MP (3:2), and finally 2.1 MP (16:9). An excellent wide selection of picture resolution choices! Under “tools” we can select the color mode (natural, high color, low color, sepia, and b&w). We can turn on or off the face detection option, set automatic focus to single or continuous, and set the LCD brightness. Additional selections include image grid, red-eye reduction, date and time stamp, image stabilization, quickview, camera sounds, video out (NTSC or PAL), image storage (memory card, internal 32 mb only, or both using internal as backup for the memory card). We also have language, reset, and format selections as well.

    In terms of taking pictures and video, I find it’s always best to know you’re working environment and being able to fine tune the options on the camera for best photo and video quality. Don’t get me wrong, the simple “smart capture” mode works fine, but you can squeeze out some incredibly impressive photos from this little digital cam if you know how to get your settings right. It’s really something that comes with experimentation and experience. The macro mode works well even though there has been some negative feedback about it here on Amazon. Ideally, anywhere you have bad lighting, the macro focus won’t focus, and you’ll have bad pics. I’ve managed to take some neat close=ups of flowers and other things at distances of about 3 inches, but anything closer causes the focus to blur. The video is pretty crisp and sounds decent, but keep in mind it’s at 640×480, so don’t expect HD quality here. Still, a nice little option for those moments you don’t want to miss the “live” moments. The use of a pair of regular AA batteries is excellent. I don’t understand why some people don’t like using AA batteries? A pair of high-powered ni-mh batteries will keep this camera running for hours under video mode, and lets you take hundreds of photos before needing recharging. And if you’re out on the road with no recharger, there’s almost always somewhere you can go to pick up a set of alkalines for those occasions you need to get back to taking photos quickly. The memory card slot accepts the largest card I have (32 gig) and when you’re ready to view your photos is simple to remove and place in my laptop card reader or usb cardreader port on my dvd player.

    A couple small things that i don’t like include the fact that the LCD is hard to view in bright light and it’s resolution is pretty basic, but don’t let the pics on the LCD fool you, when you blow them up on your monitor many of them look incredible.

    I’ve decided to keep this camera. Why? It makes my Canon A590 Powershot pocket cam perform like a dinosaur. The Canon’s pics look flat, hazy, and dull compared to the Kodak’s. I’ve taken both to the park and put them head to head. The picture quality (resolution) of the Kodak, zoom capability, and video is just that much better than the Canon (I never would have thought that about a Kodak versus a Canon) condisering both cameras were released at about the same time (2007/2008). So if you’re looking for a VERY versatile pocket cam that takes great pics and good video at a price that won’t break the bank, I highly recommend this Kodak Z915. I have absolutely no regrets in purchasing it!

  3. J. Goerge Says:


    This camera is more than I expected. Much smaller than my older X4 optical digital Kodak camera. I love that I can zoom in and out while in video mode (maybe this is more common now but wasn’t an option on my 6 year old kodak). I took video/stills at my daughter’s swim meet last evening. I am very impressed with the quality and the zoom. I was able to capture her diving in the water (not even in sports mode). Only used this so far for this one occasion but this is exactly why I purchased it in the first place so I am very satisified.

  4. peamom Says:


    I bought this to replace a Kodak z740 which also had 10X optical zoom and an eye finder, and took beautiful photos, but it was too clunky to fit in my pocket, and only 5mp with small screen so went in search of another camera. I first tried the Canon sx120IS, which was a major disappointment and you can see my review on it’s product page. The Z915 on the other hand takes fantastic pictures. However, I must note that first camera I got was defective in that the outer edges of every photo were a bit blurry. I took a chance and exchanged for same camera as I loved the features and the great Kodak exposure. Well I’m glad I did because the new camera takes incredible shots.

    Here’s what’s BEST about camera:

    1) Sharp pictures with that wonderful Kodak vibrant exposure — every one looks so warm and healthy.

    2) 10X optical zoom is incredible

    3) Camera has a “stage” scene that takes incredible photos of people on stage (I took some in off Broadway play) and camera makes no noise and no flash so no bother to the performers. If you have a kid in plays — this camera is worth the price for that alone.

    4) Has a completely manual setting where you can independently set shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure and it will warn you in yellow if your settings do not jive with eachother

    5) Has a “High ISO” scene that takes incredible photos indoors in low light. I took some wonderful shots at an indoor basketball game where I was sitting 20 rows up off floor and zoomed in close to the foul shooter and pictures were great. (Note disable the flash or you’ll miss an action shot – flash won’t reach that far anyway).

    6) In display mode, has an “i” information button that tells you all the settings the camera chose even in scene or auto mode, so you can see what the shutter speed, aperture, iso, and exposure was for a particular shot and learn from it.

    7) Takes AA batteries which is super convenient. Batteries last days as long as you use good rechargeable batteries. Alkalines will work but not last as long. I bought a 15 minute Energizer charger with batteries.

    8) Super easy to operate. Very intuitive – you won’t need to open the manual.

    9) Camera has does very well in minimizing noise. Check the online professional reviews and you will see the difference between this and the competition.

    Here’s what could be better:

    1) This is not a sexy camera. A little clunky looking but fits well in your hand. Size tradeoff worth it for the 10x zoom

    2) Wish it had an eye finder for two reasons. Can be tough to see in bright sun. You may have to use one hand to shield the screen and the other to shoot. Also would be nice to have eye finder for the stage setting so audience at the play don’t have to be bothered by the glowing screen as you take the pic (even though no flash or noise on that setting).

    3) I find putting the camera in P mode takes better photos than the smart capture mode, where the camera chooses a scene or settings based on what it sees. I took a picture of my kids playing wii video game in basement on both settings and the smart capture had some noise, whereas in the P mode where I left ISO in auto and let the camera choose everything else was noise free.

    4) The camera’s find faces function is just so so, sometimes finding a few faces and not all. I found that if I want everyone pin point sharp in a group photo, hit the macro flower button on top of the camera to select Landscape (mountains icon appears), which gave me the most depth of field and everyone came out sharp – a must do for shots of people at a table where some close, some far.

    Note: The Kodak Z950 is the same camera, but a little smaller in size, 12mp as opposed to 10mp, same 10x opticle zoom, but proprietary lithium battery, and Schneider lens. It is a bit more expensive so if you want smaller size and proprietary battery (plan another $30 for extra battery and $40 is you want external charger), then try that one.

    Bottom line this is a great camera with stupendous optical zoom for a bargain basement price compared to the competetion. I gave it only a 3 star for portability as it is a little clunky compared to say the Panasonic Lumix with similar zoom. It’s super easy to operate, but allows you many manual controls and a stage scene I’ve never seen on another camera. Can’t wait for the kids’ plays!

  5. Michael E. Moreira Says:


    After a bad experience with another brand, I decided to go back to a consistant favorite of mine; Kodak.

    This Z915 model is exceptional for the price. I compared features across other brands, and this came out as the lowest price for the same features.

    10MP means you can crop the heck out of your pictures and they won’t turn grainy. The 10x optical zoom is a deal-sealer for me, since you have the option of getting in close to a subject when you want, without using the ‘digital zoom’ feature thats on digital cameras (which isnt really a zoom, and cuts down on picture quality).

    Optical Image Stabilization helps clear up shakey shots, lots of options for both the beginner/casual shooter, and more in depth choices for the experienced photog round out this awesome deal.

    Choice of colors is a nice touch, the icing on the cake.

  6. K. Borah Says:


    I bought the camera for the 10X optical zoom, because I’d like to get closer up pictures at concerts and I’m looking forward to taking pictures in the mountains this year with it. I already had a good Kodak camera, but with less zoom and less megapixels. So far, I haven’t gotten to check out the zoom for things like that, but I’ve taken some close up pictures of a butterfly and gotten clear, detailed pictures. You can even see the barbs on its legs. It’s easy to use, I like being able to crop my pictures on the camera, you can even add a sound tag onto your picture. I like that you can put it on smart capture and the camera does the work for you. Its a good, sturdy camera and even though I had read reviews that it was a little bulky, it is smaller than my last digital camera and doesn’t feel bulky to me at all. So far, loving this camera!

  7. Bonnie DeMotte Says:


    This camera is fantastic! The pictures are beautiful, very clear in a lot of different conditions. The lcd is large and has great resolution. I recently purchased the Kodak m380, and the lcd screen was larger, but the resolution wasn’t good, so you really couldn’t tell if you took a good picture until you saw it on the computer. I ended up returning that camera because it didn’t take good pictures, and I really missed the 10X zoom. This camera has the portability of a smaller “pocket” type camera, but all of the features of a full size camera. It is also a lot easier to hold and handle than the smaller m380. That one was awkward to figure out where to put your hands for a steady shot. It was almost too small. This one is perfect! I really love it, and the price was fantastic. I bought the red one because at the time it was $14 cheaper than the black one on Amazon.

  8. Larry D Blumenthal Says:


    Please read carefully: this is from a 35-year veteran Hollywood photographic professional who is both a still photographer and cinematographer. I carefully read the many reviews of the Kodak Z915, a very inexpensive digital camera. I noted comments of both those who raved about, as well as those who panned, this camera’s performance. In fact, some of the criticisms gave me pause when deciding to buy my wife this model as a new camera for her birthday. She loves to shoot, but has no interest in a Canon D5 or such style of photographic gear. But quick photos from her cell phone were becoming a liability, especially considering her rather keen photographic eye and sense. So, without wanting to overwhelm her positive natural and artistic instincts with new gear of such professional level that she would be stifled by HAVING to control too much minutia, I decided to get her something viable for good results, yet not a fortune to buy or too complicated to learn! I am happy to report this gift was a huge hit! And here’s why:

    1) First, fully ignore the complaints or bad reviews – either they know nothing about cameras or photography, can’t follow instructions, or are simply too effing stupid or lazy to read the VERY CLEAR manual included. But mostly, these are people who go to taco bell expecting elegant epicurean dining. All my fears were allayed when I saw the Z915 in person.

    2) The camera functions as described and has exceeded ALL my possible expectations.

    3) The photos it produces, and the available functions to produce them, stagger the mind at this price!!!!!!

    4) The Schneider optics on this optical 10:1 zoom tracks well, has sparkling crisp resolution and is beautifully color corrected for achromatic distortion – very important for longer lens shooting – especially when combined with …

    5) …the amazing 10.5 megapixel resolution of this extraordinary consumer level camera system! There is plenty of room for up to even a another 5x digital zoom-in beyond the optical zoom limits to keep the image moderately clean on a 5×8 printed photograph. Bravo. In other words, if you were to crop an image to include only the words THIS IS ALL I WANT IN MY PIC from this review, it would still be a clear clean image.

    6) The features are perfect and all work well, from the SmartCam all-auto-point-and-shoot setting, to the many options for backlit subjects, intentional far or near focus even while auto-focus is working, to a setting which is fully manual wherein you must tell the camera what to do in every way just like a pro upscale still SLR camera. Plenty of shutter flexibility for sports, very fast turn around time for quick shots, quality for portraits and nature photography, lotsa special stuff for things like fireworks, red-eye, even document archiving! The only drawback I had was the lack of through-the-lens occular viewfinder for the eye. But most folks will prefer the wonderful LCD imager on the camera viewfinder anyway, which is set at half brightness from the factory and can be turned up for fair viewing even in sunshine! A viewfinder shroud can help this along for quite satisfactory results.

    7) And if all this isn’t enough, the camera does amazing 3-panel digitally stiched panorama shots, and will video record image and sound in crisp Standard Definition video quite nicely. How fun. I noticed a couple folks bitched that the sound recorded was way down and therefore a big problem. As I said before, those morons are the problem. If they had simply looked at the diagram in the manual which tells you where the microphone is located (holes just at 10 0′clock of the lens housing), then they would have realized they had put their finger over the mic holes while they were video recording. Normally their forefinger should be on the zoom control anyway!

    In closing, let me just say that as a Hollywood photography professional there was no way was I going to just toss mama this camera, say “have fun” and then walk away. I did what all us camera and cinema geeks do – and that is take this little model through its paces. I am frankly shocked that Kodak pulled all this off for $120. No, it’s not a high end professional replacement by any means, but my honey will no doubt take some amazing shots which might rival anything I would have”planned” to do with my Canon or Nikon. Eat your heart out Canon and Sony! Simply amazing.

  9. Bethany Lwaltemyer Says:


    I have had this camera for several months. I am very happy with it’s performance and it’s pictures after printing. I have used the various scenes to play with it, and have liked the outcome. Would recommend this camera.

  10. Edith Brown Says:


    This is a great camera. It has 10X zoom and 10 mp. I already had a Kodak C613 with 3X zoom and 6.1 mp and I still consider it a very good camera. I would never buy anything, from now on, with less that 10X zoom. This camera has so many good features and I love the software that comes with Kodak. Kodak is one of the oldest camera makers and they keep up with the times and people’s needs. It was reasonably priced and I would recommend this camera to anyone interest in taking some good pictures.

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