Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera (Blue) C182

Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera (Blue)

Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera (Blue) Rating:
List Price: $119.95
Sale Price: $52.95
Availability: unspecified

Product Description

Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera Blue


  • 12-megapixel resolution
  • 3x optical zoom
  • Smart Capture feature automatically identifies the scene and adjusts camera settings
  • 3-inch LCD screen
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera (Blue) out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 953 user reviews
Kodak Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera (Blue) Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera Blue $119.95 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31h3j0CcvCL._SL160_.jpg

10 Responses to “Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera (Blue) C182”

  1. Marshall Gaxt Says:


    I got this camera and it was very easy to download pictures to your computer. Of course Amazon price is excellent at $95.00. Most places are $119.00. One thing I have to say ,always carry a extra pack of AA batteries if your going to take alot of pictures.Glad to see Kodak have a product thats as good as Nikon and Cannon.Regards Marshall

  2. Roseanne G. Says:


    I was searching for the perfect replacement camera b/c I had accidently dropped mine. I knew I wanted to go with a Kodak camera but there are so many versions. What did I do? I ordered a few that received good reviews and tried them out for myself. Needless to say, this one was a keeper! The pictures are clear and the lighting gets it right everytime! Those were the two things I was looking for, clarity and proper exposure. And with this camera you get both! The amazing thing also was the price! Turns out, this camera was the least expensive out of all the others that I have tried and returned. Go figure!!!

  3. Pam Martin Says:


    I purchased two of these camera(s) for my (9) and (10) year old for Christmas and they love them. I can’t believe the beautiful pictures this inexpensive camera takes indoors and out. The video quality isn’t horrible, but I have seen much better…plus there is no sound when you play back your video on the camera. However, sound is captured so when you transfer your pictures and videos to the computer, there is sound during play back. The 3.0″ LCD screen is georgous, and allows you to see the true image quality immediately. Plus the camera runs off of AA batteries which is completely convenient….purchase with confidence.

  4. A. H. Reeves Says:


    I’m impressed with the picture quality and the ease of use. I can expand a picture to wallpaper size on my monitor and not get pixilation. It has several settings but can be used easily right out of the box. The online manual (downloadable in PDF)is easy to understand & comprehensive. The attached instructions are pretty basic. I don’t like that it has a proprietary USB cable, though spares can be had off Ebay for less than $5. Also a person can remove the SD card & upload from it directly. It will take up to a 32 GB card according to the manual. I can get around a 100+ photos on a 1 GB card. Battery life is OK, takes 2 AA batteries.

    I’m not a real camera buff, I just wanted a point & shoot camera. This fits the bill perfectly for me.

  5. G. Forster Says:


    I bought this camera to use for my work in the home improvement business. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and wanted good photo quality and a large video screen. I needed an SD card to work with my laptop, and AA batteries so that I could use my NiMH rechargeables. I also wanted a thicker body, to make the camera easier to handle while on the job.

    This camera had all of the features that I wanted, plus it has a great price at Amazon. I believe that the 3″ screen is an exclusive feature in this price range.

    I saw several reviews mention short battery life. This didn’t matter much to me, as I always carry spares. But in the 3 weeks that I’ve had this camera, I’ve used it every day, taking over 300 photos without having to recharge or change the batteries yet. So far, I can’t find anything wrong with this one!

    I got a Lowepro Rezo 20 case for this camera and it’s perfect for my needs. The interior is exactly the right size for the camera, and the front pouch has room for 4 spare batteries and a spare SD card. The belt loop is ideal for use in the field, and it comes with a shoulder strap (which I haven’t used).

    Amazon sold me the camera, case, and 2GB SD card for less than $100, which included shipping. You can’t go wrong!

  6. A. Trujillo Says:


    Excellent camera! Very nice red glossy finish, superb picture quality, Smartphoto technology: features that finds your face and adapts to the lighting of the scenery and much more! Very easy to use, very portable (smaller than a large hand) and what else must I say? Oh yeah! The price is a must buy! Best camera I have had and I HIGHLY recommend it

  7. Cherie N. Williams Says:


    This is a good camera for the price. It’s lightweight and compact. Picture quality is good and it has good features. The only thing that I dislike is that you have to replace the batteries quite frequently. I bought rechargeable batteries, but was disappointed that there is not a charger that fits this camera. Also, if you put it into video mode and play it back there is no sound on the camera. You have to download it to a computer before the audio can be heard. This is my first digital camera so now I will know in the future what features best suit my lifestyle. All in all, a good first time camera.

  8. PaulD Says:


    I am an advanced amateur user of expensive film cameras for many decades and purchased this as a gift. I am blown away by the quality of these digital images. This is a really nice camera and easy to use – small and compact, too. Although the camera has various settings, the automatic feature on this camera will try to automatically select the setting appropriate for the scene (i.e. backlit subjects that you don’t want to come out dark, come out perfectly exposed). I can honestly find nothing wrong for a camera in this price range. And, don’t let he price fool you – you get a very good camera with additional settings (should you need them) for a GREAT price and can you believe it even comes with a tripod socket! Kodak has done a nice job with this camera…kudos to them! And, Amazon has great prices – keep up the good work Amazon and I will return.

  9. C. Wells Says:


    Although this camera is not designed for children, I bought it for my 4 year old grandson for Christmas. I was able to get in on Amazon at a price not too much more than cameras that ARE designed for children. Those children’s cameras are quite sturdy looking, but they had so few mega-pixels and the viewer so small, so I decided to give this one a try. He took to it right away! The little grip area helps him to hold it and he’s able to reach the buttons. He has taken some actually pretty amazing pictures with this camera. It goes through the batteries pretty quickly, but he’s taking photo after photo after photo much of the time he uses it. Not sure how it would do under more “normal” use. I got a wrap around always on case for it that fit nicely and helps protect the camera.

  10. M. Carlisle Says:


    I purchased the Kodak EasyShare C182 for my 6 year old as a reward for perfect attendance at school this year. He loves to take pictures, and we have tried cheaper cameras that are glorified toys that take terrible pictures, don’t last, or are hard to use. The C182 gives a ton of bang for the buck and is very easy to use. My 6-year old has figured out how to use the basic functionality, and I have started using this camera over an inexpensive Kodak that I purchased about a year ago. Large preview screen on the back, easy modes to choose from, and video included. It’s a little bigger than some cameras, but still easily fits in a pocket. A great choice for this price range!

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