What Makes Maternity Photographers Different?

Professional maternity photographers use their skill as artists to create lasting portraits of pregnant women.  This special time in a woman’s life makes for beautiful fine art portraits.  The best time to schedule a photo shoot is between six and ten weeks prior to your delivery due date.

Many maternity photographers offer a free consultation.  Take advantage of this!  A consultation allows you to interview the potential photographer.  This time also gives the photographer time to get to know you, which in turn, will help him or her create a more personal portrait for you.

Prior to the consultation, make a list of questions to ask.  Some questions you should ask are:

  • Do you travel to the client’s home or are all portraits done in your studio?
  • Should I bring props?
  • What clothing should I wear?
  • How much skin is exposed?
  • Can I have family and/or pets in the portrait?
  • Is the studio private?
  • What does the package include?
  • Do you include a CD of proof?
  • Can I reprint the photos?
  • Who retains the copyright of the images?
  • Do you do post production work on the photos?
  • What types of special effects are used, if any?

Once you have interviewed several maternity photographers, choose the one that best fits with your personality, vision of the end product, and budget.  Good communication and a comfortable working environment will translate into a beautiful image.

The shape of an expectant mother’s body can be captured in different ways.  Some women prefer to wear minimal clothing in order to accentuate your pregnant shape.  Studio lighting bounces off her skin to create unique lines that can mimic formal sculptures.  The focus can be on your belly, or the silhouette of your full profile.  Discuss the overall look and feel you want the final image to have.

Maternity portraits are art.  Maternity photographers are specialists that create this art.  The images can be dramatic, bold, moody, or soft and ethereal.  Some portraits even have a whimsical feel to them.  It comes down to personal choice.  Just make sure to communicate your vision for the portrait with whichever of the maternity photographers you hire; they should be able to deliver a style that agrees with your taste.  Together you both will create a piece of fine art to last generations.

Remember sometimes it’s the tiny little details that separate a picture from a portrait.  Relax, you are beautiful.  Get comfortable and visualize all of the joy in your heart being captured.

You are on an emotional journey.  Let your emotions shine.  Maternity photographers are trained professionals.

What makes maternity photographers different is they are trained to use the tools available to capture you and your pregnancy in a unique beautiful way.

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